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My Outrage Over the Rances Barthelemy – Arash Usmanee… A Bad Start For Boxing in 2013!



By. BrotherJR

Jan. 5, 2013

Last night was the premiere season of ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights with the main event being a IBF Jr. Lightweight elimination bout between Rances Barthelemy (ranked 2nd by the IBF) and Arash Usmanee (ranked 3rd) that took place in Miami, Florida.  After watching the fight, it was clear in my mind that Usmanee won this bout and won the bout clearly over the Barthelemy.  Early on the Cuban born, Miami based Barthelemy, got off to a very good start as used his height, speed, effective left hand, and awkward style to gain an early lead.  However by the middle rounds Usmanee, who was born in Afghanistan, but now resides in Canada, got his the body of Barthelemy and started dominating.  Usmanee also began to use his jab to good effect and did an excellent job of nullifying the height and reach advantage of Barthelemy.  During the rounds ten and eleven, Barthelemy showed heart and tried to fight back, but it was done out of desperation.  Usamanee kept his cool and in the twelfth and final round, took advantage of the reckless Barthelemy and hurt him badly with a barrage of punches that had tired Barthelemy almost out on his feet.  Had the fight lasted another minute, Usmanee would have certainly put Barthelemy down on the canvas if not knocked him out.  At the end of the night however, Barthelemy survived and won by unanimous scores of 115-113, and 116-112 (twice) to receive what many feel (myself included) is a hometown decision.

After the bout Teddy Atlas and Joe Tessitore, who were the ringside announcers of the bout for Friday Night Fights, were livid and justifiably so.  Atlas said that the decision was “either it’s incompetence or corruption”, while Tessitore was shocked and equally upset.  Given the reputation that boxing has bad decisions coming of the Pacquiao – Bradley bout last year, given the fact that boxing has a not so good reputation for handing down bogus decisions, this is a terrible start for 2013.  To me, part of the issue is that we accept this nonsense as being just a part of the game and summarize it as being “just a part of the sport”.  I say that kind of attitude must stop because we should accept better and do more to stand up and speak truth to power.  So why not stat with this bout and complain to the Florida State Athletic Commission.  It’s time to call those in charge out.  Here’s the address and phone number of the Florida State Athletic Commission:

Florida State Athletic Commission:

1940 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1016
Phone: 850.488.8500

It’s time to stand up and speak out against this kind of bogus decisions in boxing, enough is enough.  The sport of boxing deserves better, we deserve better as boxing fans, and more importantly the boxers, who put their lives on the line deserve better.


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  1. I have been watching boxing for 60 years and it is no wonder I rarely watch it anymore. I watched my first fight in a long time on ESPN Friday night fights. Usmanee had to dig deep to come back after he lost the first 2 rounds. And dig deep is what Usmanee did. There was no question he won all but maybe a couple of the last 10 rounds. I mean it wasn’t even close. Who were the judges? Who appointed the judges for the fight? Is it any wonder that boxing is losing most of it’s audience. What a joke! Now I remember why I and millions of other boxing fans (my father was a boxer and I have watched a lot of boxing) have quit watching. This is the excact reason I quit watching years ago and had showtime and HBO removed. I thought it couldn’t get any worse! It has gotten a lot worse. I feel so sorry for Usmanee and the great fight he turned in only to have what should have been an easy win get reversed by a bunch of incompetent or, more likely, corrupt judges.

    No longer can stand the corruption.
    Disgusted, Tom Bruce

    Comment by tombruce | January 7, 2013 | Reply

    • I know that you’re dismayed and boxing can be just all kinds of wrong, but if I were you I would not let this fight just ruin you when it comes to boxing. There’s a lot of nonsense happening in a lot of sports, whether it’s the refereeing in the NFL, or the way that certain stars get calls in the NBA, or how certain teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, and Red Sox have an unfair advantage because they have the most money and can spend the most money in terms of free agency. Keep in mind boxing was even more corrupt 50, 60, years ago during the days of Ray Robinson, Carmen Basillio, and Jake LaMotta when the sport was basically being run by the mob. And during boxing’s magical period of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the sport wasn’t far from clean and pristine.

      Just remember last month Tom, Marquez KO’d Pacquiao to end the year and 2012 was loaded with terrific fights (Pacquiao-Marquez IV, Robert Guererro-Andre Berto, Brandon Rios-Mike Alvarado, Brian Viloria-Hernan Marquez, Sergio Martinez-JC Chavez, Jr., ect.). There were also fighters to emerge in 2012 like Andre Ward, who is my personal choice as the best pound 4 pound fighter in the world right now. There are other fighters who made their mark like Nonito Donaire, Leo Santa Cruz, Abner Mares, Gennady Golovkin, and others. All I’m saying is while there’s a whole lot wrong with boxing and it should be called out. That’s a big reason I started my podcast. However, there’s a whole lot in boxing that’s very good, even as I went off about the Barthelemy-Usmanee bout and called out folks in my blog. Boxing is no joke and even as I rail against it from time to time, there’s good in boxing that must acknowledged. I appreciate your comments and will mention them during my next podcast. However, I would urge you to not be so quick to dismiss and disown boxing.

      Comment by BrotherJR | January 12, 2013 | Reply

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