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Mike Alvarado Gains Revenge, Defeats Brandon Rios In a Thrilling Rematch

rios-alvarado II

Brandon Rios (left)  Mike Alvarado (right)

Photo:  Chris Cozzone

By. BrotherJR


When Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado went to war last October, with Rios scoring a 7th round stoppage, they put on arguably the fight of the year for 2012.  That fight was so good that not only a rematch seemed natural and in order, but HBO moved the rematch to main event status.  During their rematch Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Rios and Alvarado put on another classic.   This time it was Alvarado that turned things around, winning by unanimous decision (115-113 twice, 114-113)  to win the vacant WBO Jr. Welterweight title.  As good as the Timothy and Ruslan Provodikov fight two weeks ago, Rios-Alvarado II may have been even better and boxing fans loved every minute of it.

During their first bout, Alvarado boxed to good effect early gaining a points lead.  However, Alavardo was lulled into a firefight against the hard charging Rios, (31-1-1, 22 KOs), with Rios proving to be the tougher guy and essentially out fighting Alvarado.  In the lead up to the rematch, Alvarado was hell-bent on fighting with more discipline and did just that.  There were fierce back and forth exchanges throughout as both fighters landed heavy punches, and because of that the action was another classic.  Ultimately Alvarado, (34-1, 23 KOs), stuck to the script and out-boxed Rios to a well deserved and received win.

The turning point in the fight was round three.  After being hurt and staggered by a left in the previous round by Rios, Alvarado came back in hurt and wobble Rios towards the end of the third with a counter right hand.  In their first fight Rios, aka “Bam Bam”, showed the greater power of the two.  Alvarado landed punches all fight long, but never seemed to hurt Rios.  In this encounter last Saturday, Alvarado was able to not only land punches, but also put visible hurt on Rios and did so on more than one occasion.  Once Alvarado established that he could do that, the fight seemed to change as Alvarado, known as “Mile High”, seemed to fight with more and more confidence as the fight went along.  From the middle of the fight on, Alvarado fought with full confidence, establishing the jab, landing multiple punch combinations to the head and body.  Rios landed his share of punches and fought until the end, but it seemed that Alvarado always seemed a step ahead.  In end Alvarado would not be denied and in the process put on the best performance of his career.

As far as what’s next for both Alvarado and Rios, the obvious seems that a third fight is destined for these two warriors.  Given how Alvarado and Rios were face to face during the post-fight interview with HBO’s Max Kellerman hollering for a rematch, it all seems certain that it will happen.  The fighters want it, the fans would love it, and so would HBO who would try to build a trilogy between Alvarado and Rios along the lines of the Arturo Gatti – Micky Ward trilogy a decade earlier.  And honestly, I wouldn’t be mad at that because I want to see these warriors go at it again.  All I ask for is that when Alvarado and Rios eventually fight again (and lets face it, it’s gonna happen people!), I say that both fighters deserves to get paid, and paid well.  When Gatti and Ward fought for the third time in 2003, both fighters earned $1 million each.  When Israel Vazquez and Juan Manuel Marquez fought for a third and fourth time, each fighter earned career high purses, with Vazquez earning $800, 000 for the fourth fight.  For this fight, Rios made $1.25 million while Alvarado earned $625, 000.  Given today’s market, I would argue that for a third fight between Alvarado and Rios should earn at least $1-1.5 million each, if not more.  Yes, I want the fight, but I want each fighter to get paid as well, because boxing is too rough of a sport for fighters to put out that kind of effort and toll on their bodies and not be highly compensated and rewarded for it.

This was a fantastic fight that lived up and exceeded all expectations.  Kudos must be given to both Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios who are the epitome of warriors.  They showed what boxing, at its best is all about and have left fans salivating for more, more, and more.


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