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My Analysis of Gennady Golovkin’s Stoppage Over Curtis Stevens


By. BrotherJR

November 5, 2013

Going into WBA Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin’s title defense against Curtis Steven’s, much of the focus had been on Stevens, who had done plenty of trash talking toward the fighter known as GGG. The power-punching Stevens (25-4, 18 KOs) went to social media volleying a barrage of insults towards Golovkin, a fighter on a serious roll in 2013 who folks are now starting to suggest is the best in the world at 160lbs. Stevens, be it on YouTube, twitter, or in interviews boldly stated that not only was Golovkin (28-0, 25 KOs) overrated, he also predicted he would destroy Golovkin and knock him out. The pre-fight hype had an effect and really paid off because by fight night, there was plenty of buzz about this fight within boxing circles. This made for an electric atmosphere this past Saturday at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York that was nearly filled to capacity anticipating what would happen in this battle of big punching middleweights. The question was, would Stevens back up his big talk, or did his mouth just write himself a check his chin couldn’t cash.

What many thought would be a knock down drag out war turned into a methodical breakdown for GGG as he broke-down Stevens for eight round before the corner of Stevens stepped in and decided not to let their fighter come out for the ninth. Golovkin, understanding the kind of power Stevens possessed, began the fight by establishing the jab. He used his advantages in height and reach and his greater array of skills to box Stevens early from the outside. Towards the end of the second round, Golovkin struck, knocking down Stevens by way of a double left hook that sent Stevens sprawling to the canvas. The look on Stevens face pretty much said it all, as if to say uh-oh, I’m in the ring with a different kind of fighter and I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Golovkin - Stevens2

From that point on it was all Golovkin as he controlled the action.  Stevens fought hard, particularly in rounds four and five when the Brooklyn born fighter landed some nice right hands, but Golovkin kept his cool doing an excellent job of landing rights up top as well as hooks to the body of Stevens. By round six Golovin had Stevens backing up as he was hurt by a series of right hands. Golovkin was fighting with full confidence doing whatever he wanted. In the eighth, Stevens began to bleed from the nose and was getting beat up and battered all around the ring as the defending champ landed shots virtually at will with little resistance from the challenger. It seemed inevitable that he end was near.  At the end of the round referee Harvey Dock had a brief exchange with Andre Rozier, trainer of Rozier. Sensing his fighter was in danger of getting seriously hurt, Rozier stepped in and called a halt to the contest at the end of the round seeing that his fighter had enough.

Stevens was tough and showed better than I personally thought he would. However, the bottom line is that Golovkin was the better fighter in every way possible. It was a clinical dissection from the champ as he started out a little carefully, respecting Stevens power. Once he figured out what he could do, Golovkin went about the task of taking Stevens apart bit by bit. In short, this was slow death for Curtis Stevens and an overall terrific performance from Golovkin as 2013 has become his breakout year. The question is now, what’s next for GGG? After the fight, he issued a challenge to WBC Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez as well as WBO champ Peter Quillin. Golovkin has also been mentioned as a fighter that fans would love to see in the ring with the current pound for pound king, Floyd Mayweather. Other future fights are a possible move up to Super Middleweight to face the likes of Andre Ward and Carl Froch. The options for Gennady Golovkin are plenty much limitless, with plenty of potential big fights in the horizon.

I said two years ago that Gennady Golovkin was the best Middleweight in the world as well as a future pound for pound entrant and that all he needs is a spotlight to shine. In 2013 Golovkin has finally got that spotlight. He’s not just fighter of urban legend, a YouTube sensation and a guy known only to hardcore boxing nuts like myself. What Gennady Golovkin has shown in 2013, he will continue to show and prove in 2014. The world is his oyster right now. I suggest that people continue to get to know and watch Gennady Golovkin. The GGG ride is going to be fun one to see. Sit back and enjoy, because this is gonna be real fun and real good.


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