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Upset!!! Marcos Maidana Defeats Adrien Broner To Win the WBA Welterweight Title


By. BrotherJR

December 16, 2013

I’m sure that most of you either know or have heard about Marcos Maidana’s upset win over Adrien Broner this past Saturday night at the Alamodome in San Antonio, winning the WBA Welterweight Title.  It has been the buzz throughout boxing social media circles and within many mainstream sports circles as well.  It is an automatic classic for fight of the year, maybe the boxing’s upset of 2013 and a great way to end the year for the Sweet Science.

Going into this fight, much of the talk (as is every fight featuring Broner) was about the defending champion Broner’s ego, flash, and his lifestyle outside of the ring. Maidana while an excellent fighter with a proven resume, was thought to be another stepping stone for the fighter known as “The Problem”. Hell, I don’t many people who gave Maidana much of a chance of winning coming in. However at the end of a twelve round war, folks were left with egg on their faces (mine included because I thought Broner would win) and we couldn’t be more happier to be wrong. Why?because we were witnesses to a special night and a spectacular contest that resurrected the career of one fighter and left serious questions of another.

In breaking down Broner – Maidana, its easy to simply say that what happened was that Adrien Broner (27-1, 22 KOs) simply underestimated Maidana. While certainly may have played part (I’ll go into that later), the fact is Marcos Maidana fought possibly the best fight of his career. Marcos Maidana (35-3, 31 KOs) has a well-earned reputation for fighting only in spurts, not coming into the ring in not always great shape, and being lazy at certain moments during a fight. That was not the case against Broner. Maidana fought with fire, intensity, and passion from the opening bell and didn’t let up until the end. He attacked Broner from jump, never giving Broner to establish any distance and rhythm. He pounded Broner with shots to the body and head. And the usual lapses in conditioning never showed up. For this fight, Maidana was in prime shape. The tempo was set in round one as Maidana hurt Broner with a right had that forced the defending champ to hold. That was followed by a knockdown in round two that had Broner in serious trouble. From that point on Broner was in pure attack move and never let up which included another knockdown in round eight and a one-sided round nine in which Maidana punished Broner for the entire round. Maidana’s power was clearly evident as he seemed to stun and hurt Broner every time he landed a hard shot. Maidana fought with fire and focus all night long which resulted in him becoming the new Welterweight champion of the world.

And now lets talk about Adrien Broner. Let’s face it, this dude has been cruising for a bruising. I know that he’s young, so I’m not gonna throw all the shade his way. You have to acknowledge that Broner is still a super talented fighter. However with boxing, when you don’t take your job seriously and stay totally committed you’re asking for an eventual ass whooping and that’s what happened tonight to. Broner got jumped on and hurt early. He never could adjust to the power and pressure that Maidana was applying. Also, the sharpness that we’re used to seeing from Broner was absent. His vaunted hand-speed was never a factor (because Maidana wouldn’t let it become a factor). Broner has never had a great jab, and it cost him during this fight as he had nothing to keep Maidana at bay. Ultimately, while talented, Adrien Broner is flawed both in and out of the ring. He’s not a complete product within the squared circle  has been doing way too much outside ring trying to live that life and it bit him in the behind. Kudos to Marcos Maidana because he fought terrific tonight, better than he has in a while. And Boner must be given credit for fighting throughout. I know that Broner had that vulgar dry hump incident with Maidana in round one (which Maidana returned the favor in round 11) and the over dramatizing a Maidana headbutt was ridiculous. Also, the fact that he walked out of the ring without giving an in the ring interview was the definition of unprofessional and a punk move on his part. In the end, Broner stood there and fought and fought hard for the most post and that must be acknowledged. Ultimately, this was a case of Marcos Maidana fighting really well and Adrien Broner slacking off big time. Let’s hope once and for all Broner’s defeat will end all these comparison between him and Floyd Mayweather who never loss his commitment and dedication to his craft and to training. When Floyd Mayweather screams “hard work, dedication” he means it. Mayweather has always tended to business while Broner obviously hasn’t and it cost him tonight with not just a loss, his rep is pretty much ruined.

So the obvious question now is what’s next for both? After the bout, Broner said that he wants an immediate rematch. Boxing fans all over would be more than happy with that. If and immediate rematch doesn’t happen, look for Maidana to possibly fight Keith Thurman, who scored a ninth round stoppage of Jesus Soto Karass on the Broner – Maidana undercard and is the number one ranked contender by the WBA. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a unification bout with Timothy Bradley. As far as Broner, its reality check time. I have now doubt that Broner can come back from this loss because the ability is there. To be honest, I think that he could beat Maidana should they fight a rematch. The question is, will this loss humble him and make him re-evaluate his career to be come a better fighter and slow down his outside activities. Will the punishment he received against Maidana make him stop they party like a rock star life (or a rapper) or is his ego so far gone that there’s no saving him. At this time, it’s a wait and see.

The Adrien Broner – Marcos Maidana fight is one of the reasons why I love boxing. It also once again shut down fool within the mainstream sports arena who continue to insist that boxing is a dying sport. What happened last Saturday night at the Alamodome was a great fight, a great show, and a great event all at the same damn time!!! When it comes to the Sweet Science, always expect the unexpected and we certainly saw that with Broner – Maidana. What a great night and here’s hoping that these two get it on again.


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