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Welcome Ncita vs. Sugar Baby Rojas II 9/28/91

By. BrotherJR

December 28, 2013

Given that I’m taking a few weeks off from the show/podcast (the show/podcast starts back up Jan. 2014), I’ve decided  during the time off to upload some fights from my boxing collection. This fight is what I would consider a rare find, a fight that few people (even amongst us hardcore fans) have seen. This is the rematch between Welcome Ncita and Sugar Baby Rojas from September 28, 1991 in Sun City, South Africa. While the fight itself is far from the greatest in the world (too much clinching and rough house tactics for my taste), it is somewhat significant. Why? Because it’s a rematch of their questionable first fight from earlier in that year in a fight that Ncita was more than fortunate to get a decision. Also, given the fact that Nelson Mandela has recently passed, this is the first world title bout of my knowledge to take place in South Africa since he was released from prison the previous year. Take time out and enjoy.


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