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The Saga of Sergey Kovalev – Adonis Stevenson and Why It’s Not Happening


By. BrotherJR

April 3, 2014

This past weekend WBO Light Heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev defended his title for the second time with a seventh round KO over Cedric Agnew in Atlantic City (and there will be more discussion on that on a future episode of the Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report podcast), the backdrop of not only this fight, but the main news in boxing over the past couple of weeks was the drama that has surrounded a potential fight between Kovalev and WBC Lightweight champ Adonis Stevenson. While there has been more talk, and more talk, and more talk about these two getting in the right to square off, it appears that the fight will not happen in the foreseeable future. And the reason that the fight is not happening has been nothing but drama.

So for those not in the know, news broke on March 25th that Stevenson signed a deal with noted boxing manager Al Haymon, one of boxing’s power-brokers and current manager of Pound 4 Pound king Floyd Mayweather. According to reports, Showtime offered Stevenson and his promoter Yvon Michel a bigger deal. Team Stevenson gave HBO a certain amount of time to come with a counter offer but HBO didn’t up their offer, so Stevenson moved on. While on the surface that it’s good for Haymon, it basically destroys a potential mouth-watering fight against Kovalev. Why? because Al Haymon currently no longer deals with HBO where Kovalev happens to fight while Stevenson’s deal with Haymon means that he will be on Showtime.

Now here’s where the fun begins. Upon the announcement that Stevenson had signed a deal with Haymon, Kathy Duva, CEO of Main Events, went off, calling out both Stevenson and Haymon in a now infamous rant during an interview with Ring Magazine claiming that a deal was made for a Kovalev – Stevenson bout and then suddenly Stevenson walked away. This claim was also made by HBO. Since then, words have been volleyed back and forth between both camps with Kovalev calling Stevenson “a piece of sh!t” following his win over Agnew while Stevenson went to twitter calling Kovalev an average fighter and accused Kathy Duva of crying and the fight could still be made in spite of Stevenson’s recent signing with Haymon.

At face value, Adonis Stevenson signing a deal with Al Haymon seems to be a good move. Lets face it, a huge part of this decision was not only the money, but also Stevenson hoping to land an eventual fight with IBF Light Heavyweight champ Bernard Hopkins. Stevenson – Hopkins would be a higher profile bout, that would probably mean money than a Kovalev – Stevenson bout would. So that makes sense right? Yes and no. I can’t knock Stevenson for jumping for the money. Hell, in the hard business of boxing you make all that you can. However, the fact that Stevenson has jumped ship from HBO gives credence to those who feel that Stevenson is hesitant to fight Kovalev. This suspicion goes back to his post-fight interview following his stoppage over Tony Bellew last year. The bottom line is while a potential Stevenson – Hopkins bout is nice, Sergey Kovalev – Adonis Stevenson is the bout that boxing fans want to see and it’s a shame that for the apparent future the fight will not happen. And the person who really suffers from all this bickering is Sergey Kovalev because the other Light Heavyweight champs reside on Showtime. So with no visible dance partner other than a potential showdown with Super Middleweight king Andre Ward, who is left for Kovalev to fight. While I know Stevenson left for greener pastures, this move is disappointing because one of the fights that boxing fans wanted to see and see badly is not gonna happen. To bad because not only is Kovalev left out in the cold, so are boxing fans. It seems that what’s Stevenson’s gain could potentially be a loss for boxing fans who want to Adonis Stevenson and Sergey Kovalev get in the ring and fight each other, period!


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