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A Few Thoughts On Mayweather’s Win Over Maidana


By. BrotherJR

May 6, 2014


I, like most serious boxing fans, was of course anticipating the Floyd Mayweather – Marcos Maidana bout that took place this past Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. My podcast last week devoted a large amount of time previewing the bout, I live tweeted the bout and even did a live post show immediately after the conclusion of the bout on YouTube (thanks for those who joined us live). And given that this was a “Money” Mayweather bout, there was plenty of mainstream attention as well with coverage on mainstream sports outlets that hardly devote any time to the sweet science. Will Mayweather cruise to his customary easy victory? Can Maidana do to Floyd what he did to Adrien Broner last December? Well we got our answer, and folks haven’t stopped talking about what happened since.

As you folks know by now, Mayweather defeated Maidana by Majority decision (114-114, 116-112, 117-111) in quite possibly his most exciting fight in his career and without a doubt the toughest fight in years. After the bout, there were complaints from Mayweather about the roughhouse tactics from Maidana while Maidana complained about not being given the opportunity to wear custom-made gloves for the bout. Bottom line is, this was a terrific bout and both fighters gave it all and left the fans wanting more.

From the beginning Maidana, who outweighed Mayweather by 17 pounds by the time he entered the ring (Maidana re-hydrated all the way to 165 pounds, while Mayweather weighed 148), fought with fire and took the fight to Mayweather. His vaunted overhand right hand which was the key to his upset win over Broner last December, found success early as he landed with that shot to good effect early on. The right hand as well as the constant pressure and aggression made things uncomfortable for Floyd who was somewhat sporadic with his activity. Furthermore, Mayweather was cut by an accidental headbutt in round four. Maidana fought with a Henry Armstrong effect, swarming Floyd with punches in bunches to the head and body with a physicality that Floyd hasn’t had to deal with since his first fight with Jose Luis Castillo all the way back in 2002. When Floyd was in the middle of the ring, his skill, speed and counter punching showed to be the difference. However, when Mayweather was forced to the ropes, Maidana had the clear advantage. Through the first six rounds, the fight was nip and tuck.

Things started to turn for Floyd in round seven. He began to gain some distance and box Maidana. Mayweather’s jab and right uppercut to the head and body started to land with good effect. Maidana stayed the course however and stuck right there with Floyd, constantly staying in his face. The combinations from Mayweather flowed more freely and he used his footwork to create openings to land shots. Rounds were close, the action was fierce and the crowd were on their feet.

On my unofficial scorecard, I had Floyd winning by two points 115-113. The opinions on this bout were varied. Throughout social media, as many folks out there who felt that Floyd did enough to win were countered by people who thought Maidana deserved the victory. Truth be told, the bout could have gone either way. Plausible reasons can be argued the either fighter won and even though I had Floyd winning, if the official scorecards would have went Maidana’s way, I would not have had an issue with it.

After watching the bout a few things are apparent. One, Marcos Maidana is a much improved fighter. This is not the same Maidana that lost to Amir Khan a few years ago and had the reputation of a guy who had a habit of fighting in spurts. Under the tutelage of Robert Garcia, Maidana now fights three minutes a round and never lets up. Maidana is also better technically, cutting off the ring better which was key in beating Broner last year and getting to Mayweather Saturday night.

Despite the criticism thrown at Mayweather’s way in the aftermath of his win, you can’t question his toughness. Maidana forced Mayweather to fight, and fight he did. I also think that Mayweather may be showing some signs of age. It took some time for Floyd to get things going and find his range and the speed wasn’t quite there. All fighters have an off night and that could have been the case Saturday, but Floyd was a tad off and not quite as sharp as we’re used to seeing.

Of course now in the days since, folks are clamoring for a rematch. And from early indications, it looks like the rematch may indeed happen with early predictions that it could happen in September. I think that I can speak for most boxing fans and say bring the rematch on! Floyd Mayweather’s battle against Marcos Maidana turned out to be an entertaining and exciting bout that still has folks buzzing. Should Mayweather – Maidana II indeed happen I can sum up my feeling about that in two words… can’t wait!



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