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Orlando Salido vs. Terdsak Kokietgym… Sensational!!!

By. BrotherJR

September 23, 2014


Just when you think that boxing will have a slow week, “The Sweet Science” has a way of surprising you. And this surprise was Orlando Salido’s eleventh round TKO over Terdsak Kokietgym in a war of all wars and a fight that will leave boxing fans buzzing and discussing for quite a while. You want wild action, this fight provided it. You want back and forth drama, this fight provided it. You want knockdowns? this fight provided it. You want brutality with a sensational finish? This fight had all of that AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!! In short, if you like blood and guts, this fight provided it all and then some.

Salido – Kokietgym took place Saturday night in Tijuana, Mexico for the interim WBO Jr. Lightweight title and happened because the official WBO Jr. Lightweight champ Mikey Garcia has been inactive due to his ongoing lawsuit against promoter Bob Arum. The fireworks started early as the Thai southpaw Kokietgym knocked down Salido with a short left hand 40 seconds into round one. Salido (42-12-2, 29 KOs) was credited with a knockdown later in the round courtesy a body shot that was actually a low blog. From that point, IT WAS ON! Salido was knocked down again in round two, Kokietgym went down courtesy of a body shot in round four. Salido got caught and went down in round five, while Kokietgym went (53-5-1, 33 KOs) down for a third time in round seven following a series of punches from Salido. Can you say war? Yes we can!!!

From round seven on, Salido took control of the fight punishing Kokietgym with punches to the head and body and applying relentless pressure. Kokietgym fought back hard, but Salido, a three-time Featherweight world champ, wore Kokietgym down and eventually took out the tired Thai in the eleventh in devastating fashion. It’s safe to say this fight may be the leading candidate for Fight of the Year for 2014.

In many ways, this fight was classic Salido as he started show, but came on to eventually wear down and opponent. Kudos must go out to Kokietgym who fought his heart out in what turned out to be a sensational fight. Where Salido and Kokietgym goes from here? Who knows. In fact, I don’t care at this moment. Let us sit back and enjoy what went down in Tijuana last Saturday night in a fight that was indeed special. And as a bonus, I’ve found a video of this so you can view for yourself, watch and enjoy!!!


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