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By. Kayla Kewis*

April 14, 2015

It is one of the pressing questions regarding the Premier Boxing Champions fights this past weekend. Why hasn’t Danny Garcia looked good since he beat Lucas Matthysse?

Many, including myself, thought Matthysse held the firepower not only to out punch Garcia, but to even knock him out. Before their respective fight, Garcia had fought Zab Judah in April 2013 and for the first time looked vulnerable post his big knockouts of Amir Khan and Erik Morales. Garcia governed the early latter, but Judah was able to bully Garcia in the later rounds and open a few wounds. After the final bell, Garcia was declared as the winner.

Lucas Matthysse on the other hand, obliterated Lamont Peterson in three, only a few weeks later. Garcia, who was present at the fight was shown in the crowd, looking rather dead-eyed and fueling speculations that he feared a matchup with Matthysse and a fight between the two was unlikely to happen.

But Danny proved us all wrong, he fought Matthysse that September and won convincingly and even knocked down the hard-hitting Argentine.

However, since then, Danny has looked a tad mediocre in two of his last three fights.

Considering how these fights have went, it should be agreed upon that ‘Swift’ has gotten maybe a little too ‘hook happy’ in there, as his left hook was the formula for the biggest wins of his career. He does very little else, but stand flat-footed, use little head movement, wait to throw one of his signature ‘no-look hooks’ and hope to get lucky.

 He fought Mauricio Herrera in a coming out party to an all Puerto-Rican crowd but wasn’t able to deal with the awkward and crafty style of ‘El Maestro’ for a greater part of the fight. Garcia spent most of his rounds sporadically landing or swinging at air versus Herrera, who even with little power, was successful in leaving Garcia bloodied in the end. Surprisingly, Danny Garcia was awarded the victory.

The Rod Salka fight that followed isn’t noteworthy enough to talk about, because it shouldn’t of even happened in the first place. A total mismatch that many have found hard to even give any credit for.

Moving on, here we are and the Lamont Peterson fight has just happened. Peterson made the same mistake as Zab Judah, of not being active enough in the early rounds, but stayed mobile and disallowed Garcia the ability to ever really land any decent punches on him. He also further exposed the flaws of his opponent, one being his inability to cut off the ring against anyone who won’t just stand in the pocket and allow him to tee off.

Needless to say, the late rounds came and suddenly Peterson was turning the heat on and bossing Garcia around the ring, once again leaving his face a bruised mess. But someway, somehow, despite the obviousness that he simply chased and was ineffective for a huge percentage of the fight, Garcia’s hand was raised in the end.

Its possible that Garcia has gotten very reliant on his devastating hooks to pull him through, but it has become apparent that his recent victories leave many questions unanswered as well. And considering he doesn’t seem to be a fan of giving rematches, I doubt we’ll ever get any of those answers.

Danny has won too many of his recent fights, by the skin of his teeth for him, his fans, or anyone else really, to be confident that that ‘0’ on his record will stay for much longer. A move up to welterweight may not be the solution either, bearing in mind that the opponents only get bigger, stronger and considering how Danny has struggled to beat relatively ‘B’ fighters a class lower, there’s a question mark attached to a shift up in weight. But hey, Garcia has defied the odds before, who says he can’t again?

All that can be said is that if things don’t change, ‘Swift’ will meet his maker in the ring at some point very soon.

*Kayla Lewis is a regular contributor to the Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report blog, a past guest of the Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report podcast and YouTube show as well as a regular contributor for 8countnews. You can follow her on twitter at @kaylamlewis


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