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Can Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Honestly Be Saved


By. Kayla M. Lewis*

July 18, 2015

I know we all have dismissed the notion of “poor Julio” these days, given his latest track record, but the writings on the wall shouldn’t be treated as if they don’t exist.

Watching the All Access segment on Chavez Jr. pre-Fonfara, there were a few peculiar moments that make you question a few things. The most significant, despite everything he says otherwise, did Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. ever really want to be a boxer in the first place?

This may be a rhetoric question, but to a certain degree it was almost sad listening to Chavez Jr. at times talk about his childhood with his father and when asked why he became a boxer at all, his answer was somewhat indirect. “I love boxing and I feel gratitude to boxing, because it helped my family.”
While this is a complete statement, earlier in the segment junior did lament on his childhood being impossibly difficult due to his father’s addiction problems and fighting, at times strangers on the street, as superficially being the only way to get his love.

Both statements practically contradict each other and considering the direction in which Julio’s career has gone, from the marijuana scandal, to his DUI and rumors of him not training properly for fights, it only outwardly solidifies that Julio’s acts inside and outside the ring have been more of an act of rebellion to people who constantly want him to emulate a legend and to the legend himself, Chavez Sr. 

When you feel as though you owe something to someone or whatever entity it may be, there is a good chance you will follow through on it, but if it isn’t truly what you personally want, a permanent feeling of resentment and bitterness to all other parties involved is bound to happen.

The truth is Julio was never going to be his dad. Growing up in a family where all you ever knew was boxing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I suppose in his case it could be a curse. You can say he wasn’t forced to turn pro and that may be true physically, but what about on an emotional level?

Don’t want to cut the guy too much slack either, because at the end of the day, foreboding any outside pressures, Julio was an adult who could make decisions for himself and should be held responsible accordingly.
All eyes are on Chavez Jr. this Saturday. Being at the crossroads of his career, it is certainly make or break time for the prodigal son. He is now with ANOTHER new trainer and it countlessly plays out that boxers who switch trainers rapidly only damage themselves in the end. Robert Garcia, at this juncture, is only going to be able to teach an old dog so many new tricks and the rest will be up to the fighter. 

Even with all this said, one has to think, is it even worth it? Only Julio knows.

*Kayla M. Lewis is a blogger for 8CountNews.com, a past guest of the Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report podcast/YouTube show, and a regular contributor to the Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report blog page.


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