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Why Boxing Fans Are Giddy Over Holly Holm’s KO Over Ronda Rousey


By. BrotherJR

November 17, 2015

The defeat of Ronda Rousey over the weekend, a second round KO loss and general butt whipping at the hands (and feet) of Holly Holm over the weekend in Australia sent fans of The Sweet Science into a collective celebratory mood. Boxing fans took to social media to talk about how in many ways, Holm’s (a former multiple time world boxing champion) knockout of Rousey was a victory for boxing. And here’s why so many fans are overjoyed over Ronda Rousey getting flattened.

You know why so many ‪Boxing‬ fans are giddy over Holly Holm’s KO over Ronda Rousey? Not just because Boxing fans have been hit over the head with how Rousey would do in Women’s boxing. Not just because UFC President Dana White has taken shots at boxing whenever he gets the chance. Not just because of the recent dust up over Rousey being on the cover or Ring Magazine. It’s because Holly Holm used a boxing based style and attack method to handle and have her way with Rousey throughout before the kick to the head and follow up combo that finished Rousey off. And let me tell y’all something, in a Holm – Rousey rematch (which will surely happen), Ronda Rousey would have similar trouble against Holly Holm. Styles makes fights peeps, and Holm’s style and her boxing background prevailed tonight and was way just too much as a boxer came into UFC/MMA and beat Rousey at her own game, that’s why!!!


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