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Team Loma vs. Team Rigo Debate


December 9, 2017


With the highly anticipated Vasyl Lomachenko – Guillermo Rigondeaux showdown just hours away I decided share video of an event I took part in regarding that bout. This past Wednesday on BWTM Sports Channel yours truly as well as Gayle Falkenthal from Communities Digital News moderated a debate from a couple of members of the YTCB, Bo from Truth & Facts Boxing and Eugene discussing who will win the upcoming Lomachenko – Rigo bout. Bo represented Team Rigo stating the case why he feels Guillermo Rigondeaux will win and Eugene represented Team Lomachenko stating his case on why Vasyl Lomachenko will be victorious. I’ve never moderated a debate of any kind, so was nervous going in. However, I had fun and enjoyed the points made by both Bo and Eugene in what was an excellent debate. Big s/o to Ingram from BTWM Sports for inviting me to participate.


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