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Anthony Joshua’s choice words for Lennox Lewis, calls him “a clown”

By. BrotherJR

August 15, 2019

If there was any doubt there is some animosity between Anthony Joshua and Lennox Lewis, Joshua let it be known from his point of view he is no fan of one Lennox Lewis. During a Sky Sports special called “AJ: The Unknown Truth, Joshua didn’t mince words calling the former Heavyweight legend Lewis “as clown” and says he has no respect for him.

What’s the source of Joshua’s inflammatory comments about Lewis? It all stems from Lewis take on Joshua’s upset loss to Andy Ruiz. Puzzled by Joshua’s performance, the former Heavyweight king took to social media to express his displeasure tweeting “I can’t look at that fight and agree that AJ was fully prepared”. Lewis went on to criticize Joshua’s trainer Robert McCracken as well.

During the Sky Sports special which is set to premiere on Sky Sports On-Demand today in the UK and on Sky Sports Main Event on August 17th, Joshua let loose with how he really feels about Lewis.

“Me and Lennox are not the same. My legacy is to sit back and enjoy the younger generation coming up, and not to be involved. Just to appreciate what it takes to get there. Lennox isn’t like that. Me and Lennox are cut from a different cloth.”

Furthermore, Joshua took a not so subtle shot at the legacy of Lennox Lewis. When asked about whether Lewis left an impressive legacy on the sport, Joshua fired back “So? So am I.” To say Anthony Joshua has an axe to grind with Lennox Lewis is an understatement.

Moving forward Joshua his sole motivation is the rematch with Andy Ruiz which will take place Dec. 7 in Saudi Arabia. Asked about an eventual showdown with Wilder, Anthony Joshua said that’s not his focus at this time. In fact, Joshua suggested the pursuit to fight Wilder and become undisputed Heavyweight was a distraction during the lead up to the fight against Ruiz.

As Joshua explains, “I became heavyweight champion, I unified the division twice, and now my goal is to become two-time heavyweight champion of the world. Once I achieve that, I can look at becoming undisputed champion. “That undisputed stuff? It was right in front of me but it was one of the biggest curses lingering over my head when I was champion.”

In reaction to Joshua’s brutally honest criticism, Lewis went again to social media to give his response. “Wow! He’s right! We ARE cut from a different cloth. Undisputed wasn’t something I “worried” about. It was something I went after until it was accomplished!” Lewis went on to say he’s disappointed by Joshua’s comments and believes “this jealousy narrative” is made up and a product of his reaction to Joshua’s June 1 loss Ruiz.

The “AJ: The Untold Truth” is Anthony Joshua holding nothing back. With the rematch against Ruiz looming, it will be interesting how the boxing public will react to Joshua being so unreserved, so raw and so opinionated. This special will leave fight talking for sure.

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Anthony Joshua Reflects on his loss to Andy Ruiz, Jr.

By. BrotherJR

June 5, 2019

Late Tuesday night, June 4th, former Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua spoke for the first time since his upset stoppage loss to Andy Ruiz, Jr. on June 1st. using social media as the platform to give his reaction.

Releasing a 4+ minute video on his YouTube channel, Joshua gave his opinion not only on the fight and his performance, but also responded to some of the rumors following the bout as well as his current mindstate.

Joshua began talking about the “drama” in terms of making the fight with original opponent Jarrell Miller dropping out (due to testing positive for PED’s) and Ruiz stepping in as a substitute opponent. Next, “AJ” discussed his camp and his preparation. He claimed no issues leading up to the fight saying “I’m a soldier. I have to take my ups and my downs, and on Saturday I took a loss and I have to take it like a man.”

The former champ emphasized keeping things in perspective not letting success get to your head while not letting failure break you, maintain your balance and keep moving forward.

Acknowledging that the loss has been tough for him, Joshua said he’s going to keep his head high. Joshua also he will maintain his trainer and his team.

Addressing the rumors of suffering a panic attack prior to the fight, Joshua said that didn’t happen. While he congratulating Ruiz, the video ended with “AJ” saying there is a rematch clause with a date and location.

Saying he doesn’t care whether a return bout with Ruiz happens in either England or the U.S., Joshua said there’s no one to blame, but himself. “I have to take my loss like a man. No blaming anyone, no blaming anything, I’m the one who went in there to perform and my performance didn’t go to plan, my gameplan didn’t go to plan. So I have to readjust, analyze, do my best to correct it and get the job done in the rematch”.

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Josh Taylor defeats Ivan Baranchyk to advance to the WBSS Super-Lightweight Finals

By. BrotherJR

May 18, 2019

In what turned out to be a highly entertaining fight at the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow, Scotland, Josh Taylor had his rough moments for show. However he did more than enough to defeat Ivan Baranchyk by unanimous decision (117-109, 115-111, 115-111) to win the IBF Super-Lightweight world title and advance to the WBSS Super-Lightweight tournament final

Taylor (15-0, 12 KO’s) started the fight doing and excellent job of using his footwork to not only stay away from the power-shots of Baranchy, but also create angles to land shots. As is his custom, Baranchyk (19-1, 12 KO’s) came forward intent on landing big shots.

In the fourth, Taylor seemed to get the attention of Baranchyk with body-shots. In doing so Taylor showed the ability to stand on the inside and go toe to toe with the hard-charging Baranchyk.

Taylor was stunned in the fifth from a right uppercut from Baranchyk. The Scottish fighter was also showing facial damage as he was cut over his left eye.

After finding his bearing from a rough fifth round, Taylor exploded with power shots towards the end of the sixth round. With :45 seconds to go in the round, Baranchyk went down from a Taylor right hook. And with seconds to go in the round, Taylor put Baranchyk down for a second time. Luckily for Baranchyk, the bell may have saved him from being stopped.

The defending IBF champion has the attitude of a warrior and to his credit he came back fighting hard in rounds 7, 8, 9,. In the tenth round Baranchyk seemed to slow down slightly and for the first time Taylor was forced the champion to back up.

Sensing he was behind on the cards, Baranchyk went all out during the final two rounds. With the crowd on his feet, Taylor did totally back aways as at times he stood right there and fought with Baranchyk. At the final bell, the Glasgow crowd rose to its feet roaring in approval of what they witness from the performance of their Scottish charge, Josh Taylor.

After the fight, Taylor was joined in the ring by his opponent for the WBSS Super-Lightweight final, WBA Super-Lightweight champion Regis Prograis. While both Taylor and Prograis kept it respectful, each fighter said they’re amped up at the opportunity to face one another. The WBSS Super-Lightweight title between Taylor and Prograis looks to be one of the better fights to happen in 2019 as each fighter are just hitting their primes.

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Inoue destroys Emmanuel Rodriguez to advance to the WBSS Bantamweight Finals

By. BrotherJR

May 18, 2019

The WBSS Bantamweight semi-final between WBA champion Naoya Inoue and IBF champion Emmanuel Rodriguez was anticipated to be one of the better fights of the weekend and more intriguing bouts of 2019. However, it was Inoue who once again lived up to his nickname of “Monster” as he annihilated Rodriguez in two rounds at the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow, Scotland to unify the WBA/IBF Bantamweight titles and advance to the WBSS Bantamweight Finals.

In the first round Rodriguez (19-1, 12 KO’s) came out as the aggressor behind the jab, forcing Inoue (18-0, 16 KO’s) to fight on the back foot. However, Inoue responded well by doing a nice job of countering with right hands and left hooks.

The fight took a similar pattern at the start of the second, but that’s when the vaunted power of the Japanese superstar surfaced. Twenty-one seconds into the second round, Inoue landed a solid left-right that stunned Rodriguez.

Seconds later Inoue landed with another right to the head, followed up left hook to the chin that put Rodriguez on the deck. Rodriguez got up, but was obviously hurt and bleeding from the nose.

It was at this point where Inoue smelled blood and pounced. Rodriguez went down for a second time in the round way of a left-right to the body. While the Puerto Rican once again rose to his fight, he was writhing in pain.

Inoue then poured on the punched finishing his salvo with a left hook to the body that put Rodriguez down for a third time in the round. Rodriguez was done, and referee Michael Alexander called a halt to the bout with 1:41 to go in the second round.

This was once again a devastating performance by Naoya Inoue as he may be the most explosive fighter in the sport. During the post-fight interview he was asked about the opponent for the finals, WBA Super Bantamweight world champion Nonito Donaire.

While Inoue said he no plan of strategy to fight Donaire yet, he’s really looking forward to the challenge. Donaire, who was at ringside and in the ring during Inoue’s post-fight interview said he’s always felt that it would be him and INoue in the finals and he’s also looking forward to the challenge.

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