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Team Loma vs. Team Rigo Debate


December 9, 2017


With the highly anticipated Vasyl Lomachenko – Guillermo Rigondeaux showdown just hours away I decided share video of an event I took part in regarding that bout. This past Wednesday on BWTM Sports Channel yours truly as well as Gayle Falkenthal from Communities Digital News moderated a debate from a couple of members of the YTCB, Bo from Truth & Facts Boxing and Eugene discussing who will win the upcoming Lomachenko – Rigo bout. Bo represented Team Rigo stating the case why he feels Guillermo Rigondeaux will win and Eugene represented Team Lomachenko stating his case on why Vasyl Lomachenko will be victorious. I’ve never moderated a debate of any kind, so was nervous going in. However, I had fun and enjoyed the points made by both Bo and Eugene in what was an excellent debate. Big s/o to Ingram from BTWM Sports for inviting me to participate.


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#BronerGranados Post-Fight Talk


By. BrotherJR

February 19, 2017


I’m always on the boxing grind, willing to discuss The Sweet Science with just about anyone. So with that, literally a couple of hours ago I joined the big homies Wingy Boxing and Zaire discuss Adrien Broner’s split decision win over Adrian Granados (in what turned out to be a really good fight) as well as the future for AB. We also recap the #BronerGranados undercard and other opine about boxing news.  Sit back and enjoy yours truly join a couple of my fellow Sweet Science geeks talking all things boxing!

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#VargasPacquiao Post-Fight Discussion w/Wingy Boxing


By. BrotherJR

November 6, 2016


Everyone knows what the big bout was this weekend, the Jessie Vargas – Manny Pacquiao PPV bout that took place Saturday night in Las Vegas. Well as we all know by now, Pacquiao defeated Vargas by unanimous decision to win the WBO Welterweight title. Immediately following the conclusion of Pacquiao’s win, yours truly (and for those who don’t follow me or know me, you actually get to see what I look like) joined one of boxing social media giants and gods of the YTBC (YouTube Boxing Community), Wingy Boxing, to give post-fight breakdown of not Pacquiao’s win over Vargas, but also other fights that took place during the Vargas – Pacquao PPV card and asked will we see a Mayweather – Pacquiao rematch (for those who don’t know, Floyd was at ringside watching the fight)? And oh yeah, we also discussed Stephen A. Smith and this crazy presidential election. Check us out and enjoy boxing fans!

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An Exclusive Interview With Eddie Mustafa Muhummad


By. BrotherJR

October 31, 2016

Last night I was invited to a hangout from my UK boxing brothas Boxing, Beats & Rhymes and EJ Boxing Live!! to sit around talking boxing with them and others throughout the YTBC (YouTube Boxing Community). Now I’ve known Beats and EJ for a couple of years and whenever I get the chance I sit down with them to chat about The Sweet Science. If you know Beats, then you know he’s serious about his boxing. You do not enter a Boxing, Beats, & Rhymes hangout if you don’t know your ish (and if you don’t know your boxing, you will be exposed). And EJ is not only a brotha that also knows his stuff, he’s a frequent guest on the Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report live YouTube show/podcast. Well, it came to my surprise that this particular hangout included an interview with one the people I consider living boxing royalty, former Lt. Heavyweight champion and one of the best trainers currently in the sport today, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad. I must say the interview was beyond dope, a surreal experience to listen to all the knowledge and wisdom from one of the living greats. Mr. Muhammad sat down to discuss the reasons behind his split from current WBC Super Middleweight champion Badou Jack as well as his life and boxing career. And in a moment that had yours truly completely geeked out, at the 36:41 moment of this interview I was blessed with the chance to ask Mr. Muhammad a question the difference between a boxing trainer and a boxing teacher.

Please take time to listen to this interview in its entirety as this was truly a treat. Eddie Mustafa Muhammad shared with us much insight about not only his career, but the ins and outs of the boxing today. This is the first time that I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in a interview with someone of such high regard. Thanks to Boxing, Beats & Rhymes as well as EJ Boxing Live!! for inviting me to take part and granting me the opportunity and time to ask Mr. Muhammad a question (I tried my best to contain level of excitement while asking my question). What a truly memorable moment in my boxing media life.

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