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Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report #109 – Boxing Recap of 2015/Prognosis For 2016

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By. BrotherJR

January 8, 2016


To listen to and/or download this episode, click this link: https://soundcloud.com/brotherjr/pound-4-pound-boxing-report-109-boxing-recap-of-2015prognosis-for-2016

On this episode we discuss…

– Aaaaaand we’re baaaack!!! For out first episode of 2015 we take a look back. We breakdown big wins in Japan by Naoya Inoue and Takashi Uchiyama and what’s in store for both in 2016.

– We also have our 2015 recap of boxing discussing:
1. Fight Of The Year
2. KO of the Year
3. Upset of the Year
4. Prospect of the Year
5. Fighter of the Year
– We also will ask what fights we would like to see in 2016 and our overall state of the game.

All that and possibly the geekiest/nerdiest boxing moment ever on the P4PBoxingReport!!!

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Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report Roundtable – Al Haymon Deal With NBC… What Does It Really Mean?

By. BrotherJR

October 9, 2014


On this Youtube/Google + only edition of the Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report show, we discuss:

Fight Recap
– Jhonny Gonzalez 11th round stoppage of Jorge Arce in what we hope will be the end of Arce’s career.
– The decline of Chad Dawson continues as he loses to Tommy Karpency .

Boxing News
– A special round table discussion regarding Al Haymon’s deal with NBC.

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Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report Podcast #55 (8.15.14) – Fights To Forget and Fights To Remember

Francisco Rodriguez v Katsunari Takayama - IBF/WBO Minimumweight Unification Title

By. BrotherJR

August 15, 2014


To listen to and download podcast episode, click this link: http://p4pboxingreport.podomatic.com/entry/2014-08-15T00_28_27-07_00

August 13, 2014

On this episode of we discuss:

Boxing Recap
– Boxing Triple header this past weekend on Showtime and why it lived up to the terrible card we all thought. We breakdown Danny Garcia’s KO over Rod Salka, Lamont Peterson stopping Edgar Santana and Daniel Jacob’s fifth round KO over Jarrod Fletcher.

– A surprise leading candidate for Fight of the Year for 2014 as Francisco Rodriguez and Katsunari Takayama waged war this past Saturday during their Strawweight unification bout.

Boxing News
– British Promoter Frank Maloney sent shockwaves through the boxing world announcing that he will undergo a sex change and live his life as a woman.

– Sam Soliman will defend his IBF Middleweight Title against Jermain Taylor on October 4. Wait, what, huh, why, and the hell?!?!

Boxing Preview
– Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook
– Omar Figueroa vs. Daniel Estrada
– Sakio Bika vs. Anthony Dirrell II

All That and more!!!

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Boxing Wishlist For 2014

By. BrotherJR

January 12, 2014

Well 2014 is here and after taking some days off, I’m finally back on the  grind discussing all things boxing. 2013 was a very good year for “The Sweet Science” and here’s hoping for an even better year. I hope to continue to discuss boxing on my blog as well as talk more, more, and more boxing on my Pound 4 Pound Boxing show/podcast (which will return this month). With that being said, here are a couple of news nuggets as well as what I would like to go down in boxing for this year.

Boxing News/Nuggets

– Adrien Broner has decided to exercise his rematch clause and will fight Marcos Maidana again in April. While I applaud Broner’s courage and think he may even win a rematch, I don’t know if in the end this is a good move. I still doubt whether Broner is a true Welterweight and would like to see him drop back down in wait. Despite my reservations, I like everyone else am really looking forward this rematch.

– Boxing in 2014 is not even two weeks old and we already have controversy. During the premiere of ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights on Jan. 3 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rances Barthelemy scored a second round KO over Argenis Mendez  to win the IBF Jr. Lightweight title. Problem is that the left hook that Barthelemy landed to knock out Mendez in round landed after the bell to end. While the decision will probably go to a hearing and get overturned (or at the very least ruled a no-contest) by either the Minnesota boxing commission or by the IBF. And it seemed from the actions preceding the controversial shot Barthelemy was in control, that’s not really the point. This bout showed once again that boxing needs to have instant replay across the country in every state commission and for every world title bout. If instant replay is in the NBA and NFL (and soon to be in Major League Baseball), boxing needs to get its act together and do the same.

– Canelo Alvarez is set to make his return against Alfred Angulo on March 8.  Good comeback bout for Canelo. Angulo while exciting and can punch, is limited as a boxer and is a bit shopworn. This is an opportunity for Canelo to look good following getting schooled last September by Floyd Mayweather.

– Ricky Burns is set to fight Terence Crawford on March 1 in Glasgow, Scotland. Burns had a terrible 2013 with two highly controversial fights against “Chelo” Gonzalez and Ray Beltran. Don’t be surprised if the home cooking ends for Burns and Crawford beats him.

– Miguel Cotto has turned down a fight against “Canelo” Alvarez in hopes of landing a fight against WBC Middleweight champ Sergio Martinez. Smart move by Cotto. Martinez is vulnerable at this point because of injuries and wear and tear. With his youth and vigor, Canelo would give Cotto trouble. This is a sensible and wise move by Cotto.

– I was really looking forward to the rematch between WBC Featherweight champ Jhonny Gonzalez and former champ Abner Mares. Mares had to pull out of the scheduled February 15th bout because of a rib injury. Gonzalez first round KO over Mares was arguably the biggest upset of 2013 and it would have been interesting to see how Mares would respond from such a shocking defeat. Good news is that the bout will be rescheduled and I can’t wait to see it happen.

Boxing Wishes For 2014

1. Floyd Mayweather Needs To Stop Insulting Manny Pacquiao, and Fight Him – Listen, I’m a guy that’s been a Mayweather defender and have argued that the reason the Mayweather – Pacquaio bout hasn’t happened has just as much to do with Bob Arum than it does with Floyd. To me if Mayweather and Pacquaio ever fought, I believe Floyd wins. Given that, the comments in interviews as well as his tweets about Manny Pacquiao has been annoying. I know your beef with Arum is legit, but its time that Floyd fights Manny. A failure to do so will leave a permanent question mark on his career. “Money” Mayweather needs to set aside his issues with both Pacquiao and Arum and do what he has to do to make this fight finally happen.

2. The Feud Between Bob Arum and Golden Boy Must End – Bob Arum promotions and Golden Boy Promotions are the two most powerful promotional companies in the sport the animosity between the two is well-known and deep. However it’s because of their feud boxing is being hurt because there are too many possible terrific fights that cannot happen. Forget the obvious bout between Mayweather and Pacquiao not happening because of this. Potential terrific bouts such as Mayweather – Bradley, and Guillermo Rigondeau – Leo Santa Cruz and Danny Garcia – Ruslan Provodnikov cannot happen because of this ongoing beef. Set your ego’s aside and come together and make these fights happen. It’s time to call a truce guys.

3. President Obama Grants a Pardon For Jack Johnson – For those who don’t know Jack Johnson, the first Black Heavyweight world champion, was wrongly convicted of the Mann Act in 1913 for dating a white woman. Lead by Senators Harry Reid and John McCain, there has been a push to grant a presidential pardon for Johnson. In fact on April 13, 2013 the U.S. Senate voted to urge President Obama to pardon Jack Johnson. I don’t understand why POTUS hasn’t officially signed a pardon for Jack Johnson, but it’s time for President Obama to do the right thing and pardon Jack Johnson.

4. USADA Drug Testing For All World Title Bouts – Bottom line is that boxing needs to be a drug free sport. High profile fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Nonito Donaire, and Timothy Bradley have adopted USADA testing for their recent bouts and more boxers should do the same.

5. Boxing Returning To Network Television – Back during the sports apex boxing was on network television. Not just any bout, but world title bouts were on ABC, NBC, and CBS. Each of these networks could do a spring/summer series of shows. This would make the sport more visible and give boxers a bigger profile. The reason that guys like Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, Roberto Duran, Ray Mancini and the late Hector Camacho became prominent names was because they fought on network television. Shoot, Nigel Benn became a bit of a name here in the U.S. during the 1990’s because a couple of his bouts were featured on network television. I know things are a lot different today, but I would love for it to happen. Shoot, if extreme sports programs are on network television, why can’t boxing?

Five Fights I’d Like To See That’s Not Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

1. Andre Ward vs Gennady Golovkin – Far as I’m concerned it would be a fight between the best Super Middleweight in the world and the best Middleweight in the world.  Golovkin is the only fighter at either 160 or 168 that has a chance of beating Ward.

2. Adonis Stevenson vs. Sergey Kovalev – The two hardest punching Light Heavyweights in the world. This fight has TNT written all over it.

3. Roman Gonzalez vs. Juan Francisco Estrada II – These two fight in November 2012 with Estrada vying for Gonzalez WBA Jr. Flyweight belt. Estrada has gone on to win the Flyweight belt and is now recognized by many at the best Flyweight in the world. As good as their first fight was, a rematch could be even better.

4. Evgeny Gradovich vs. Nonito Donaire – Gradovich came on the scene in 2013 winning the Featherweight title and one of the most improved fighters in the sport. Donaire’s career is a bit shaky at this point because of his loss to Rigondeaux and his unimpressive performance in his rematch win.

5. Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Vasyl Lomenchenko – Hey, I know this one is a reach. Shoot, Lomenchenko hasn’t even won a world title or has been 10 rounds. However, I think he’s a special, special talent. I feel that Lomenchenko will beat Orlando Salido for the WBO Featherweight title and late in the year this could be a real intriguing bout. Lomenchenko may be the only fighter from 118-126 that has the pure skill and talent to compete with “Rigo”.

OK, so there’s what I would like to see happen in 2014. Will what I want in boxing probably happen? I doubt it. However, can’t a brother dream and have hope? If only a couple of my wishes happen in 2013 then I would be satisfied. Here’s hoping to a helluva year in boxing for 2014.

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